MIAA makes it easy to become an independent insurance agent. Are you worried about being able to compete in the marketplace if you go out on your own? MIAA provides higher retention, increased production, increased profitability, and more overall competitiveness through partnerships with top-rated insurance carriers.


Here are just a few things that MIAA can provide for your agency:


Direct Contracts with more insurance carriers

Increased commission levels for our insurance agents

Increased revenue from Portfolio Management Service Fees

Support from the experienced MIAA Staff

Become instantly BIG

Remain a 100% independent insurance agency

Special industry programs and much more!


Each insurance carrier has applications that need to be completed for a direct contract. As a member of our insurance agency group, MIAA will provide you with these insurance carrier applications. The insurance carriers also require volume commitments in order to grant your independent agency a direct contract. MIAA has strategic partnerships with many insurance carriers and can provide your agency with a direct contract to some carriers with a greatly reduced volume commitment. Insurance carrier marketing representatives should be approached for an appointment request, or you may work through MIAA staff if you are a member of the insurance agency group.


When you are a new insurance agency with our insurance agency group, the setup process is greatly determined by the speed in which applications are completed and received by the insurance carriers. It can take insurance carriers approx. 2-10 weeks (depending on the carrier) to contract your agency. You may submit business through the MIAA AccessPLUS System while you await your carrier contracts if you are an MIAA member.


Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance (MIAA) is a division of Strategic Independent Agents Alliance (SIAA), a highly successful independent insurance agency group for insurance agents, insurance carriers, and insureds. If you want to take your agency to the next level, contact us to see what MIAA can do for you and your clients.

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