Challenges for insurance

Upcoming Challenges for Insurance

The digital age has brought on a rapid change in society, from work-life to culture, it seems like humanity is advancing at lightning speeds. What are some of the biggest changes that will impact the insurance industry in the near future? Cyber Security As Notorious BIG said in the 90s, “More money more problems.” This […]

Tracking success

Creative Ways to Improve Your Soft Skills

Soft skills are arguably the most important skills to have in sales. While agents always need to know their policies, it’s their soft skills that set them apart from their competition. It’s believed that certain soft skills are inherited, but that’s not necessarily the case. Introverts and extroverts can build the same soft skills, they […]

Unsuccessful Agent

How Agents Fail

The insurance industry can be ruthless, but it is incredibly rewarding. Insurance is one of the few industries with the big four career advantages: you can be your own boss, control your income, gain a huge income, and help people better their lives. But industries with these benefits often come with ample opportunities to fail. […]

Connecting with clients

8 Tips to Connecting with Clients

  Success for insurance agents doesn’t simply spring forth from good policy, benefits and solicitation. Today’s client population values authenticity, and they expect it, too. A great way of being viewed as authentic through a client’s eyes is getting to know how they tick. In the same way you would with a friend, learn their wants […]

Restricted agent

How Captive Agents Are Restricted

  Let’s be real, not every insurance company is the best available—that’s how business in a capitalist economy works. Captive agents will lose a potential client’s business if they find a better or similar insurance for a lower price. Since a captive agent can only present a limited number of policies, clients will be unaware […]

2019 Preparation

7 Tips to Kick off Your New Year Right

The new year is probably the most universal milestone in the world, especially for businesses. Business numbers are always measured by quarters and eventually wrapped into the yearly total; hardly anyone measures success from spring through winter. Businesses, customers and the vast majority of society sets, measures, and milestones are based on the new year. […]

6 Reasons to Go Paperless

6 Reasons to Go Paperless in 2019

The age of technology is in full swing and changing the world at lightning speeds. These changes are seen across multiple industries. For instance, who uses an atlas? It’s been replaced with Google Maps. Blockbuster, which once had 9,000 stores, now has only one store left in the US. Even music artists are even releasing […]

Networking Advice for Any Professional

Networking Tips for Any Professional

  Hitting it off with strangers can be difficult, especially at a professional event where it can all feel very forced. But, as you’ve heard time and time agin, networking is a big deal. You can read all the books on your industry you want, but you can’t obtain or maintain all the industry knowledge […]