Video Testimonials

Written Testimonials

“Carrier contracting and Strategic Partner compensation arrangements are two of the most important benefits we have derived from our relationship with MIAA/SIAA.”

— Geoffrey G., Kansas - Member since 2008

“It is the perfect opportunity for a new agency to obtain company appointments and have potential to still benefit with profit sharing in the group.”

— Dana T., Nebraska -Member since 2011

“MIAA has been great! Great resources and knowledge. They have done everything they said they would.”

— Paul C.,  Missouri -Member since 2010

“I always appreciate the advice that I get from the crew at MIAA! They do a great job and make me feel like I am a valuable part of the team.”

— Brian B., Nebraska -Member since 2011

“MIAA staff always treats me with respect and patience and tries hard to assist me whenever I call.”

—Jane E., Nebraska -Member since 2003

“All of the people at MIAA are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. I have recommended MIAA to several captive agents in the past.”

— Dusty S., Missouri -Member since 2012

“It helped us get to be a better agency with access to great companies. The staff at MIAA has been very patient and helpful to us with business we have written, some were even commercial which is a totally new field for us the bonuses are also nice, get paid more for writing the same business with different carriers.”

—Marlin M., South Dakota -Member since 2013

“MIAA is a fantastic organization for the Independent insurance agency. Well run with great support for all the staff who are always looking out for the groups best interests. I highly recommend that any insurance agent or agency to take a look at what MIAA has to offer.”

—Scott D., Missouri -Member since 2010

“We are very happy that we joined MIAA. No doubt, that allowed us to grow at a much faster pace. To have instant access to a ton of great companies helped us take off. The other thing that has really helped us is their overall industry knowledge. They were able to help us get started and to thrive. There are a lot of best practices that they have shared with us that have propelled our growth and that have helped us to become more efficient.”

—Dennis B., Iowa -Member since 2011

“You simply make us immediately BIG! We have always been impressed with the PMSF funds that come our way that we simply couldn't do by ourselves.”

—Will F., Nebraska -Member since 2008