The new year is probably the most universal milestone in the world, especially for businesses. Business numbers are always measured by quarters and eventually wrapped into the yearly total; hardly anyone measures success from spring through winter.

Businesses, customers and the vast majority of society sets, measures, and milestones are based on the new year. Even if you are not a new year’s resolution-maker in your personal life, the new year is always a good time to start the new year with fresh, calculated goals you wish to accomplish by next year’s end. Plus, you do not have to call them new years resolutions; “yearly goals” works just fine!

Develop a strategy

The new year is a great time to analyze your personal and business numbers from previous years. Make note of the similarities, such as highs and lows, and write them down on the upcoming year’s schedule. From there, stay up-to-date on foreseeable trends, combine them with the previous years’ findings and develop a strategy to capitalize. Maybe this strategy will consist of bullish strategies during the predictive highs and more planning during the lows. Regardless, everything will run more smoothly when a plan is in place.

Start out strong

Even if you have no specific goals, it’s always best to start out of the gates strong. This will set the tone for the upcoming year and make bad habits a thing of the past. Plus, you will be well ahead of schedule when you inevitably encounter roadblocks.

Review and plan with current clients

While you have professional knowledge with multiple policies to look after, they likely have restricted knowledge with only one policy to look over. They will appreciate a scheduled meet up that informs them on how their policy is doing and directions that should be taken in the future. The new year is an opportune time to get in touch with current clients, review the previous year’s numbers and develop a plan for the next 365 days. Plus, this will help dust the cobwebs off each individual’s current policy.

Rekindle some flames

Whether it’s old, hard-to-reach prospects or former clients who joined an industry rival, the new year is a great time to start over. Let the old prospects know you’re still thinking about them and want their business. Ask the lost clients how they feel about their current situation. Get personal and provide unique ways your service will benefit them.

Organize your computer

Out are the paper files and in are the digital ones. While the shift toward more environmentally-friendly digital files leaves your desk substantially cleaner, your computer may look like an unorganized mess. It may take a couple of hours or even an entire day, but organizing all your files into categorized folders will save you from extra time searching for specific files. Plus, potential clients will grow weary of your services if they see you frantically searching for a specific file through a clearly cluttered computer.

Plan out quarterly and yearly goals

Plan out yearly goals in stages and add each stage to your quarterly goals. While you should always have specific goals for each, adding quarterly checkpoints and review sessions to yearly goals, rather than using an open timeline that ends in 365 days, will keep you on a better track toward success.

If you wish, it’s also a great idea to add these periodic checkpoints and reviews to your quarterly goals, too. Set a bi-weekly time to analyze and track what all has been done to reach each quarterly goal and adjust when needed.

Spend more time on social media

You read that right, but make sure you spend more PRODUCTIVE time on your socials. Instead of spending hours a day scrolling through meaningless social media feeds, put that social media time to good use! Post more strategized, calculated campaigns to your social media that will benefit your success rather than slowing it down.