Ins and Outs of Wedding Insurance

You’ve picked the perfect venue. You have the date and the hashtag all set. All the food at the reception is planned to a tee. You’ve finally said yes to the dress. Everything for your big day is coming together and you can breathe a nice sigh of relief. But what if an unforeseen emergency, […]

Existing Agencies Grow with MIAA

At the Midwest Insurance Agency Alliance (MIAA), we work with many different types of agents and agencies to help them start, continue and even grow their independent ownership. While many join MIAA to get a leg up as they hope to start their own agency and are in the beginning stages of agency ownership, we […]

Leveraging Group Sales

When you are in insurance, leads are the name of the game. What better way to get leads then through group sales? With a group sale you can present your sales pitch to the largest number of people possible. While this does sound great, how do you go about setting up and leveraging group sales? […]

How to Measure Social Media as an Agent

It’s no secret anymore that social media is huge in the marketing world. If you own a business, or are in any sort of sales driven field and you aren’t on social media, open a new tab and start a face book, or twitter, or Instagram, anything, then come back here and we will continue. […]

Best Ways to Up Your Sales Game

It’s been said many times, great sales people aren’t born, they’re made, and becoming a great insurance agent takes practice. Here are some of our tips to practice your sales technique and increase your sales. 1.     Use a mirror Using a mirror can help you see what your prospects see when you are pitching to […]

Tips for Young Insurance Agents

It’s no secret that selling insurance can be difficult. You are selling your clients trust, and insurance is an intangible idea that they cannot hold or take home with them after your meeting, but you are selling them a promise. Because of this it can be difficult for younger or more inexperienced insurance agents to […]

How to Generate Leads as a Small Agency

As a small agency, you don’t have the budget of large companies to generate leads, and that’s ok. It does not mean that you are completely out the game, just that you have to do it a bit differently than the national brands. Here are a few ways that your agency can generate more leads […]

Tips on Organizing Leads

As an insurance agent, managing and organizing your sales leads can be the difference from making a sale or not. Ensuring that you get the most out of your leads is key to running a successful business. Here are a few tips on how to organize your leads to increase their potential.   1.     Create […]